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Erushi isn't very sure how she fell into Pros - which is the story of her life and Everything, really - but she starting writing for it in 2008. She hails from Singapore, is presently based in London, and often shuttles between the two cities whilst dreaming of good food and better books. (November 2008)




Being a Brief Record of Events that Lead to Doyle Giving Bodie Handcuffs

Carol Huges (the one in the pub)

Decrescendo (Pros/Apparitions)

Done (the one with the cows and bicycles)


Flashslash: simple eyes dictate mystery

Frozen Things

I Hold It True Whate'er Befall

"It's Food Porn" says Bodie

Let Nothing Ye Dismay (with Slantedlight)

Of Camping in October and the Perils Thereof

Of Tea, Tarts and Thursday

The Short Tale of Two Men and a Window

Six Kisses

Sonnet to 4.5

A Sunny Saturday Afternoon