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Brotherly Love

Cold Comfort

Garden of Remembrance

Never Forget


Information from the Wayback Machine to be integrated into page:

Ann's Story - Events during and after 'Involvement' from Ann Holly's POV
Blue-Eyed Boy - Doyle uses his detective skills on his partner's background
Brothers in Arms - Bodie worries when Doyle's moods seem more unpredictable than usual
Butting In - Bodie puts a videophone to an interesting new use
Cats Eyes (Professionals/Jack the Ripper crossover) - Bodie collapses and has a strange dream about Victorian England
Combustion - Bodie enjoys his birthday treat....
Double Trouble - Bodie and Doyle are implicated in a kidnapping
A Face in the Crowd - A mystery story set in London at new year
Fair's Fair -Why is Doyle having problems accepting Murphy's new partner?
False Pretences - An unusual take on the origin of the partnership. Doyle has several unpleasant surprises when his brother goes missing
Fancy Meeting You - Doyle meets someone unexpected in a gay bar
Father's Day -Something in Doyle's past turned him away from a life of crime. Could it be the example set by his father?
Full Circle (No 1 in Dept of Dirty Tricks series) - Bodie gets a shock when he meets his new partner. Warning: dark and mildly AU
Game of Consequences - Doyle is forced to rape Bodie in order to save his life
Going Back - Bodie goes to a centenary reunion at his old school with unexpected results
Green-Eyed Monster - Bodie's behaviour during a case makes Doyle see red - and green
Growing Old Gracefully - Doyle has trouble coping as the days go past
The Happy Hooker - My take on the Doyle-as-rent-boy scenario
Home for Christmas - Bodie makes the most of a rare break over Christmas but things don't turn out quite the way he planned.
House of Horror - The lads make the most of a stake-out in a haunted house
Long Weekend - A weekend away doesn't turn out quite as planned
Lucifer Rising - The road to redemption is a strange one...
Mixed Doubles - Bodie's latest girlfriend sets the lads up with a blind date
Never Forget - Doyle's been missing, presumed dead for six years but Bodie can't forget....
Payback Time (The Chief/Pros AU crossover) - Alan Cade gets involved with a male prostitute with disastrous consequences
Pressing Concern - Bodie has a mishap while doing the chores....
Pure as the Driven Slush - The Slush Fund op brings surprises for both the lads
Secrets and Lies - Can Bodie find solace in the past when his life starts to crumble? Warning - dark, bitter and extremely controversial - definitely *not* for the fainthearted!
Seven Hour Itch - Bodie has an embarrassing problem on stakeout
Stakeout Woes - A careless joke by Bodie gets Doyle all worked up with no way of letting off steam....
Summer Time - Bodie has problems telling the time
Surprise Surprise - Bodie's girlfriend gets a shock
Sweet Dreams - The partners have to share a double room during an op
Tea for Two - 3rd person POV. A village tea-shop owner is intrigued when two good-looking young men visit her cafe in February....
Too Late? - Doyle races against time to rescue Bodie.
A Truly Magical Christmas - The title says it all, really.... <g>
The Trunk in the Attic - What secrets about Ray Doyle's life will be revealed by the mysterious locked trunk in his attic?
Two Men in a Boat - A sailing trip goes horribly wrong....
Watcher/Watched - Murphy is ordered to place Bodie's flat under surveillance
What Are Friends For? - (No 3 in Dept of Dirty Tricks series) Cowley has an ulterior motive for overworking Doyle.
What Goes Around - (No 2 in Dept of Dirty Tricks series) Bodie shows his true colours whilst interrogating a suspect.
Who Dares Wins - Following a breakdown, Bodie returns to the army. Can Doyle get to him in time before he goes over the edge completely? (Originally published in No Holds Barred #20)