Camera Shy

Zine/Paper Circuit

Review by: Alison

I read this via the Paper library, so I have no idea whether it is still in print or not.

Bodie is in CI5 while Doyle is a model, now budding film actor, and a former boyfriend of a known assassin and fashion house owner, Gary Hale. Hale's name has come to the notice of CI5 concerning a plot to kill some high level people, and Bodie is sent to investigate. To help him, Bodie makes use of his mercenary experiences, and is hired as an advisor for the film that Doyle is part of - directed by his 'adopted' brother Nick. Bodie has been instructed to 'romance' Doyle (he is known by Cowley to be gay/bisexual) and discover what he knows. He is also told that Doyle is expendable. However, after a very shaky start, they get together and Bodie soon discovers that he cares a great deal for Doyle.

The situation is made more fraught by Hale's determination to have his 'property' - Doyle, back and his anger as Doyle spurns him and Bodie flaunts the fact the he and Doyle are a pair. The action and angst increases as Hale's determination to teach Doyle, and Bodie, a lesson, as well as carry out the assassination he returned to England for combine to make things very dangerous for both of them. Throw in Murphy as Bodie ex, and still holding a candle for him, Doyle's suspicion, pain and hurt from the way Hale used and abused him, excellently depicted OCs, emotional angst, violence and pain and you have a very interesting page turner of a story.

Bodie's characterisation seems to be very much in line with the Bodie we see in the series, while Doyle appears less aggressive, more hesitant and self conscious and all together unlike the assertive and confident alpha male Doyle of the series - except in a welcome confrontation and alteration with Hale. Meg, however, retains Doyle's sharp shooter skills, a device she uses for even more angst at the end.

While I had reservations about the Doyle presented here, I found this a good read and enjoyed it.

Alison, from website May 2010