Bronze Metal Lover

by Stew

Fic in The Concrete Jungle

Review by: Metabolick

In this story Ray Doyle has never existed. On post-apocalyptic Earth Bodie has left CI5 and is working as a paid assassin. While setting up a job he meets a unique robot made of metal called Bronze (who of course looks remarkably like the man we know as Doyle). Bronze is an extremely beautiful and sensual creature who has more autonomy than his creators intended. Bronze also possesses all the characteristics to be expected of a robot including superhuman strength, lightning reflexes, extraordinary vision, etc. and has been programmed to do many things including give sexual pleasure.

Bronze is a creature like the android Data of Star Trek fame, i.e. he is a machine but is capable of learning and changing. The author conveys this idea very well and is skillful in making Bronze quite a sympathetic character. Bodie’s reason for initially resisting Bronze’s efforts to get close to him is interesting and plausible. It is the ending that really makes the story work for me. Bodie helps Bronze learn something entirely new about himself which reassures me that a relationship between the two will be rewarding to both. It takes a good writer to make me like a story in which one or both of the characters are not our Bodie and Doyle, and this is one of them.

Metabolick, August 2008