Gone With the Wind

by Barbara Jones

Fic in Cross My Heart 10

Review by: Metabolick

This first-time story is told from Doyle’s pov. The lads go for a visit to Bodie’s ancestral home in the north, where we meet some of Bodie’s obnoxious relatives. Doyle realizes that he fancies Bodie but doesn’t think Bodie feels the same way. An incident where Bodie goes missing brings things to a turning point.

Doyle’s repeated mishaps involving Bodie’s quirky relatives are amusing. The author’s take on Bodie’s family background seems improbable to me because there doesn’t seem to be any reason for him to run away and join the merchant navy at a young age, as canon Bodie did. I can well imagine that Bodie would be a natural at hang gliding. This is nice, feel-good comfort fic and I enjoyed the story

Metabolick, August 2008