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Aardvark by O.Yardley

Across All Boundaries by Bistokidsfan

Adagio by Sebastian

Adventures in the Gotto by Rochvelleth

Advocaat and Lemonade by Angel CI5

After Christmas by DVS

All I Want for Christmas by Rebelcat

...And a Happy New Year by Barbara Thomas

... And a Happy New Year by Lily

And Close the Path by Sihaya Black

And the Snow Didn't Feel Cold by Krisser

And to You Good Wassail Too by Dawnwind

Answered Prayers by Elessar

Away in a Manger by Maddalia

Baaah Humbug or Bleak House by M. Fae Glasgow

Bealach Na Ba - the Pass of the Cattle by O.Yardley

Bears a Berry by Lysimache

Benevolence by Brenda K

Beautiful Year by Verlaine

A Bodie Carol by Ancastar

Bodie the Tight-Trousered Agent by Rochvelleth

Bodie's Christmas Dream by The Hag

Bodie's Day by Josey

Bodmin Gaol by Foxcat

Bootblack by S

Boxing Day by The Hag

Brightly Shone the Moon by Izzie

Celebration by Alexandra

Christmas by Fanny Adams

A Christmas Angel by Liriel

The Christmas Angel by Wally

Christmas at Grantleigh by Allie

Christmas At Home by 3745Rule

Christmas Caprice by The Hag

Christmas Kisses by Sally Fell

A Christmas Letter from George by "Betty"

Christmas Pantomime by ET

Christmas Pudding for Two by Georgina Kirrin

Christmas Snow by PFL

A Christmas Story by Slantedlight

The Christmas Story by DVS

Christmas Wishes by PRZed

Cold by Merentha

Comfort and Joy by The Hag

Comfort and Joy by PRZed

Cowley Was A Short Man by The Hag

The Cow's Christmas by Elspeth Leigh

Crackers by The Hag

Deck the Halls by Hestia

Deck the Halls by Lily

Despair by Vic

Discovered in a Hatstand by The Hag

Do You Know What I Know by PRZed

Down to the Waterline by Sebastian

Driving Home for Christmas by Sally Fell

Earth as hard as Iron by Verlaine

Emmanuel by Foxcat

The End is Where We Start From by PFL

Enfilade-Defilade by Bistokidsfan

Evidence by F.J. Bryan

Fairy Tale by Elspeth Leigh

False Assumptions by Sally Fell

Family Secrets by PRZed

A Festive Gift by Zoe

Festival of Lights by Dorinda

Finding the Perfect Gift by Liriel

First Footing by Jaycat

First Footing by S

The First Noel by Krisser

Five Christmases by Jojo

Floccinaucinihilipilification by O. Yardley

Flowers in the Snow by Elizabeth O'Shea

Food of the Gods by Melanie Athene

For Auld Lang Syne by Fanny Adams

Four Times Bodie Might As Well Have Said 'I Love You' and One Time He Actually Did by Callisto

Frugal Tart by Asymphototropic

Ghosts of Christmas Past by Merentha

A Gift Horse by Callisto

Gift Wrapped by O. Yardley

Give Someone You Love A Christmas Goose by Fanny Adams

Go West by Luka

God Bless Us Everyone by Airelle

Good Boss George Cowley by Rochvelleth

Green by Ailcia

A Green-Eyed Yuletide by S

Groundhog Doyle by Irene

Guardian Angels by Angel CI5

Half Lives by Goodnight Lady

Half a Loaf Each by Georgina Kirrin

Happy Christmas Mr Doyle by Liriel

A Hearth for Christmas by PFL

The High Road by M.Fae Glasgow

The Holly and the Ivy by Anna Parrish

The Holly Golly and the Strange Case of the Purloined Idol by Asymphototropic

Home for Christmas by Murphybabe

Home for the Holidays by Ice Bear

Home for the Holidays by PRZed

How He Won Him by The Hag

The Hunting of the Wren by SAC

iLads by Angel CI5

I'm Telling You Now by The Hag

I Ask No Honours by Magenta Blue

I Believe in Father Christmas by Ailcia

I Saw Three Ships by Gael X Ile

I Wonder as I Wander by Morgan Stuart

Icicles by Melanie Athene

In the Bleak Midwinter by Brenda K

In Deep December by Slantedlight

In Faith and Fear by KWS

In the Grotto by Sebastian

In Hot Water: An Idyll by JM

Intercepted Message by The Hag

It's a Wonderful Life by Linda

Jingle Balls or Hard Times by M. Fae Glasgow

Join the Queue by Lizzie

Key Change by PFL

Laeti Triumphantes by Sineala

In the Deep Midwinter (The Larton Chronicles) by Rhiannon

Last Stop by The Hag

Late in Time by Moonlight Mead

Leftovers by HG

Let Nothing Ye Dismay by Slantedlight and Erushi

Like a Thunderstorm by Callisto

The Longest Shortest Day by Slantedlight

Love in a Cold Country by Jojo

A Lover in Captivity by Veronica

Make Your Own by Slantedlight

Making Plans for Bodie by PRZed

Manifest Destiny by Russ

The Master and His Man by S

Mastermind by Foxcat

Merry Christmas Mr Doyle by Fanny Adams

A Midwinter's Night Dream by Irene

MisHandeled by Asymphototropic

Mistletoe by S

The Mistletoe Fairy by Jojo

Mistletoe Kisses by Slantedlight

...My True Love Sent to Me by HG

Never the Words They Say by Slantedlight

The New Year Nose by S

New Year Resolution by Brenda K

A Night at the Opera or The Prickwick Papers by M. Fae Glasgow

A Night With Blake by Airelle

No Candle by Brenda K

Nose are the Breaks by S

Not Just at Christmas? by Brenda K

Not A Very Silent Silent Night by Alexandra

Nothing Written in Stone by Josey

Now Dancing Merry by Irene

The Obedience of Fools by KWS

Of Christmas Present by Rebelcat

Of Myrrh and Light by Josey and Slantedlight

Of Trees and Needles by Magenta Blue

Oh Come! by Amanda Warrington

Oh Come All Ye Faithful by Barbara Thomas

On Being Blue by Bistokids

On Christmas Day in the Morning by Slantedlight

On the First Day of Christmas... by HG

On the First Day of Christmas by Ice Bear

On Thin Ice or Skate Expectations by M. Fae Glasgow

On Things They Don't Really Talk About by Erushi

Once Upon a Slashy Christmas by Zoe

One of Bodie's Better Ideas by Josey

One Dark Night in Bodmin by Slantedlight

The One Where Bodie Makes a Choice by Castalia

An Outing on Christmas Eve by Kathy Windrain

Panting for It or The Artful Roger by M. Fae Glasgow

A Partridge in a Pear Tree by Lily

Pauses by Angel CI5

Perfect Alignment by Slantedlight

A Pub at Christmas by PFL

Pwnco by Slantedlight

Quiet Restroom by SCH

Ray's Snowflakes by Allie

Red Christmas by Cassie Ingaben

Red Christmas (the Cold Dish Remix f. DJ Vichy and the Riddim Ssoise Band by Vera

Regret by Ailcia

Resolutions and Temptations by PFL

Ride 'em Cowboy by Tango65

Rime and Glaze by Josey

Ringing in the Changes by PFL

Santa's Basement by James

Santa's Surprise by April Hackett

Saturnalia by Tauna

The Scarsdale Pact by Jojo

Screwged or Nanny's Christmas Carol by M. Fae Glasgow

A Season for Wishes by Richards

Season's Greetings by Magenta Blue

Second Floor, Third Door by Krisser

Seeing is Believing or All over Twist by M. Fae Glasgow

Seven Swans A-Swimming by Lily

Sheepdip by Angel CI5

Sherry Trifle by Ailcia

Shopping Days or Doyle the Copper Felt Up by M. Fae Glasgow

Silent Star by Elizabeth Holden

Snowbound or A Tale of Two Situations (Version I) by M. Fae Glasgow

Snowbound or a Tale of Two Situations (Version II) by M. Fae Glasgow

Snowbound in Bradford by PRZed

So Here It Is by Slantedlight

So Here it is Merry Christmas by Brenda K

Sometimes it Snows by Slantedlight

Spinning the Dreidel by S

Stars by Allie

A Stirring of Soup by Magenta Blue

Stocking by Moth2fic

Stop the Cavalry by Rochvelleth

The Stuffing Dreams are Made Of by Lizzie

Subject to Change by M. Fae Glasgow

Summer's Sun and Winter's Snow by Zoe

The Surprise Inside by Slantedlight

Tea for Two by Alexandra

Thank God It's Only Once A Year by Sally Fell

There's an Old Mill by O. Yardley

These Layers of Charnel Air by Slantedlight

Tin Soldier by Foxcat

Tradition by Melanie Athene

Trapped by Angel CI5

Under the Mistletoe by S

Under the Tree by DVS

Vigil by PRZed

Waiting for Green by Krisser

Was a Fairytale They Say by Slantedlight

Well Done Bodie by Doylebaby

Well Hall by KWS

Well-Matched at Christmas by PFL

When All Our Dreams Come True by Slantedlight

White Christmas by PFL

Will Sing for Mince Pies by Dawnwind

Winning by Moonlightmead

Winter by Krisser

Winter Fuel by Izzie

With This Ring by Melanie Athene

Yule by PFL