Halloween storylist

Stories of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night - and of magic and dressing-up and laughter too!


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Discovered On All Hallow's Eve (free downloadable zine)


All Hallow's Eve by The Hag

All Hallow's Eve by Liriel

All in a Name by Callisto

All Soul's Night by Ravenstone

Battles Long Ago by Rhiannon

A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts by Lizzie

Black Cat by Verlaine

Bluebell Hill by Ravenstone

Bodie and Doyle meet the Headless Horseman by PFL

Brigadoon by PFL

Cat Tales by Fanny Adams

Deadly Intervention by Josey

Death and the Magician by Ravenstone

Decrescendo by Erushi

The Devil and George Cowley by Ann Carr

A Double Portion of Spirit by Asymphototropic

The Drowning Plains by Bistokidsfan

Dust and Secrets by PJ

Fire by PFL

The Ghost and Mr Doyle by Gena Fisher

The Ghost and Raymond Doyle by Barbara Thomas

The Ghosts That Haunt Me by Merlyn Smith

Hammer Was Right by Tauna

Horseman by PFL

House Party (aka I Live To Serve) by Lizzie

I Live To Serve (aka House Pary) by Lizzie

If There Be Vampires and Werewolves by Slantedlight

In the Pumpkin Interest by The Hag

Incubus by Dee

The Informer by Enednoviel

Into the Blue by Verlaine

Iris by Foxcat

Killing Notes by Ellis Ward

Legacy by Mab

Legacy of Temptation by Ellis Ward

The Little Devil and the Vampire by Minori

The Most Heroic by Slantedlight

My Golden Afternoon With the Grim Reaper by PRZed

New Beginnings at Burdock by Slantedlight

Nightmares by Ravenstone

Nuts and Bolts by Zoe

On Dartmoor by Ravenstone

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words by J.M. Sherwood

A Picture of William Bodie by Ravenstone

Present Company by Rebelcat

A Purple Cow by The Hag

Pwnco by Slantedlight

Rediscovered in a Graveyard by HG

So Much For Wishes by Ellis Ward

Soul Survivor by Lizzie

The Tailor Made Sequence by Helen Raven

Temple of Venus by Lizzie

This is Halloween by Magenta Blue

Tick Tock by Josey

Transfigurations by PRZed

Tricks and Treats by Callisto

Undercover by Erushi

Unhallowed Eve by Melanie Athene

The Vampire by Fanny Adams

The Waiting Room by Lizzie

Werewolves of London by Rimy