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Dates given are approximate only, named periods generally even more approximate if dates and details were not given by authors, and none take into account any current debate among historians! Feel free to offer alternatives if it seems as though they might work better.


Clan of the Aurochs by Dee


Ancient Greece

Wine-Dark Nexus by Ann Carr and Taemon's Cuckoos and Taemon's Seed by Tessa Rae (Egyptian/Cretan/Atlantean?!)


Ancient Rome

Leap in the Dark and The Janus by Tarot

Miles Scortillusque by Sineala



Brotherly Love by Taravan

Non Nobis Domine by Cassie Ingaben


Tudor and Stuart (c1509 - 1660)

A Madrigal by Jane

Power of Love by Anna Parrish


Restoration (c1660)

The Alchemist's Measure and The Devil's Apprentice by Kitty Fisher

In His Majesty's Secret Service by Lainie Stone


Georgian (1714-1830)/Regency Period (1795-1837)

Mistress Beaufort's Masquerade Ball by Amy A. Morgan and
While All the World is at Mistress Beaufort's Ball by Adela Kingsbury

Danger by Moonlight by Anna Parrish

Clandestine Intent by Elizabeth Holden

The Peerless Pair by HG

Rediscovered In A Graveyard by HG and
Zoetrope by O.Yardley and
Some Things Never Change by O. Yardley

A Family Affair by Lizzie

Traitor's Fate by Meg Lewtan

The Highwayman by O. Yardley

Stand and Deliver by O. Yardley and
Brother Blades by O. Yadley

Love Conquers All by POM

To Walk By Owl-Light
by Rhiannon

Hazardous Fortune by Sally Fell

Convention and Curiosity by Stew


Victorian (1837 -1901)

The Ghost and Raymond Doyle by Barbara Thomas

Prince of the Mists by Jane

The Mistletoe Fairy by Jojo

The Victorian Kitchen Gardener by Lizzie

Bird in a Guilded Cage by Meg Lewtan

Luck of the Draw by Meg Lewtan

Murder on the Moor by Meg Lewtan

Arabian Nights by Pamela Rose


Edwardian (1901-1914)

A Chance of Fate universe by Claire Dobbin

A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts series by Lizzie


World War I (1914-1918)

The Light by AngelCI5

Wings of Morning by Irene

Veils of Morning by Rhiannon


Between the Wars

The Waiting Room by Lizzie

Two Lovers by O. Yardley

Time Out, Past Tense by Pamela Rose

Prelude... And Answer by Rhiannon


World War II (1939-1945)

Guardian Angels by Baravan

Prelude... And Answer by Rhiannon

Odds Against by Tasha


The Future!

Suitable Gravity by DVS

Echo and Broadcast Difficulties by Ellis Ward

The Cook and the Warehouseman by Helen Raven

The Same River by Helen Raven

Nothing Left to Lose by Jane and Madeleine Ingram

Heat by Lainie Stone

Time Out, Past Tense by Pamela Rose

Bronze Metal Lover by Stew

Right Here, Right Now by Stew

Hostage to Peace by Wally

In the Future Tense by Wally