Santa_Pros livejournal challenge Story List

This page lists, and links to where possible, stories that were written for the 2007 Santa Pros livejournal challenge community. The maintainer of the community (Queenbamfie) deleted all her posts and comments when she deleted her original livejournal account, and as she had posted the stories herself, they also vanished from the community.  The community itself has now been purged from livejournal through non-use (15th February 2013).
Thank you to Taverymate and KWS who helped to track down and list these stories when we realised they were in danger of being scattered and lost.


Other Lists/Discussions
Discussion about the lost lj community and stories
Santa_Pros - now a lost Pros lj community



Half Lives (or here) by queen bamfie for przed

Blind Spot by shayheyred for madmogs

And Close The Path by sihayab for kiwisue

Revelations by shirasade for brenk

Trifles and Confirmations by londonronnie for queen bamfie

Well Hall by kiwisue for shirashade

Sunshine After Rain by probodie for sihayab

In The Bleak Midwinter by brenk for akin19sk

Comfort and Joy by przed for blktauna

'Tis The Season by nakeisha for s_c_enigma

A Few Little Fireworks by madmogs for carodee

The Rough With The Smooth by carodee for shayheyred

Between Beer and Noodles by akin19sk for probodie

Saturnalia by blktauna for londonronnie

Not Just At Christmas? (a pinch-hit) by brenk for nakeisha

Santa Pros Happy Christmas Banner

(Banner posted to close the challenge)