Consequences Universe

Consequences is a controversial fic, and there have been a number of sequels written over the years.
Here Consequences is listed as fic number 1, direct sequels as number 2, and where a subuniverse has continued, the sequels are grouped together and numbered sequentially. There is also an "alternative" to Consequences, "1a".

  Title Author
1 Consequences Tarot
2 Consequences the Musical Version Moseby Singleton
2 Wrapped Around Your Finger Lezlie Conch
2 Reparations Susan Douglass
2 Inescapable Consequences Airelle
2 Despite Consequences Pamela Rose
2 Cold Water Morning SJ
2 End of an Illusion SJ
2 Light of Day Pam Dale
2 Inconsequence Catlixe
2 Rough Comfort Anonymous
2 Two Crazy Lovers SJ
2 After Consequences, Truth Annette Hall
3 The Waiting Game HG
4 Input HG
1a Game Theory (Alternative version) Dee