Adult Situations 2

Editor: 1986

Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash and Het

Publisher: Markalaine Press

Distributor: Agent With Style
Other Source:

Professionals Contents:

C'est La Vie Windy        
Black Silk Sue-Anne Hartwick        
Transformation Judy Darnell        
Family Affairs Jane        
Satyr Sue-Anne Hartwick        

Other Fandom Contents:

Trouble Linda Knights Black Sheep Squadron      
Human Spirit - - Teresa Sarick Battlestar Galactica      
The Butcher Karen S. Eaton Robin of Sherwood      
Rebirth Karen S. Eaton Robin of Sherwood      
No Box of Candy Rosemary Callahan Miami Vice      
The Silent, Soundless, Bloodless Years Teresa Sarick Science Fiction      
A Peak in Darien Sheila Paulson Miami Vice      
Skidmarks The Pit Crew Hardcastle & McCormick      
Somewhere in the Night Jean Chabot Starsky and Hutch      
Forbidden K.S. Fidelius Star Trek (TOS)      
But not Know Why Jean Chabot Star Trek (TOS)      
Paid in Full Jatona P. Walker Star Trek (TOS)      
Epilogue Jackie Edwards The Equalizer      
When the Heart Rules the Mind Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham Blake's 7      
My Russian Soul Burns Joan Enright The Man from UNCLE      
Blue Movies and Blond Men Clotilda Willard The Man from UNCLE      

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