Adult Situations 3


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash and Het

Publisher: Markalaine Press
Year: 1986

Distributor: Agent With Style
Other Source:

Professionals Contents:

Pleasure Purchase
Lily Fulford & Cath A. Rien        
Night Jane        
On Hold Lily Fulford        
Kidnapped Sue-Ann Hartwick        
Celtic Frost Rachel Duncan        
Without You Sue-Ann Hartwick        

Other Fandom Contents:

It'll be Our Little Secret L. Wrice Airwolf      
The Ultimate Nightmare Jatona P. Walker Star Trek (TOS)      
T.P. Jatona P. Walker Star Trek (TOS)      
Knight Heat Teresa Sarick Wizards & Warriors      
Adieu, Dark Knight David Gordon Batman      
Night of the Fine Wine Debra Hicks Wild Wild West      
Spectres of Dark and Light Barb Lewis Miami Vice      
Shadows in the Rain Quale Blake's 7      

Other Information: