Adult Situations 4


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash and Het

Publisher: Markalaine Press

Distributor: Agent With Style
Other Source:

Professionals Contents:

My Wild Heart Rachel Duncan        
Dancing in a Whirlpool Debra Hicks (Lethal Weapon/Pros crossover)      
Jade Almonds Sue-Ann Hartwick        
Blueberry Eyes Sue-Ann Hartwick        

Other Fandom Contents:

The Night of the Night Meg Carruthers Wild Wild West      
In a Different Reality Debra Hicks Wizards & Warriors      
Aries / Virgo Constance Collins Starsky and Hutch      
Candle in the Wind Jean Chabot Starsky and Hutch      
Break in the Storm Atira Kei Miami Vice      
Whispers in the Night L. Wrice Airwolf      
Reunion Carol Lance Star Trek (TOS)      
Party Girl Rita Ractcliffe The A-Team      
The Vacation Jackie Edwards Knightrider      
Rebirth Karen S. Eaton Robin of Sherwood      
Cost of Redemption Debra Hicks Robin of Sherwood      
Trilogy Robbie Sturm Miami Vice      
Lovers and Friends Linda Knights V: The Series      

Other Information: