Awakenings 3


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Year: May 1997

Other Source:

Professionals Contents Author    
Loss of Hope Joana Dey    

Other Fandom Contents: Author Fandom Other Information
Lost & Found Elizabeth Cochrane Starsky & Hutch  
It's a Sin Kerguelen Sentinel  
Nights in Black Satin Richel Darrah Voyager  
Main Course Natasha Barry ThirtySomething  
Shadow From Another Time K Ann. Yost Deep Space 9/Forever Knight  
The Night of Discovery Mary Millard Wild, Wild West  
Not After Last Night Miranda Star Wars  
The Wild Wild Uncle Taliesin Man from UNCLE/Wild, Wild West  
Time Warp N.J. Kippax Doc/Chavez Hank & Buster  
Somehow Khylara WotW Poem
Suddenly Khylara Due South Poem
Trapped Khylara Blake's 7 Poem
Cover Artwork TACS    

Other Information:
139 pages.