Battle of Hope


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Devious Developments Press
Year: 2004

Distributor: Requiem Press
Other Source:

Professionals Contents Author Other Information Other Source
On the Other Foot Maiden Wyoming 3 ½ pages None known

Other Fandom Contents: Author Fandom  
AIDS Walk Miami Khylara CSI: Miami  
Test of Love Sekhmet Company Business  
Whatever It Takes Ashleigh Anpilova Man from UNCLE  
All The Time In The World LilyK The Sentinel  
World Enough and Time Shadow Smallville  
Sleeping with the Enemy K9 Quantum Leap  
Always By My Side Bast Original Fiction  
On Hold Grey Due South  
Cover Art - Cat's Meow    

Other Information:
A multi-fandom charity zine to support the battle against HIV and AIDS.
220 pages.