A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts

Author: Lizzie

Zine Type: Novel
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Requiem Publications
Year: September 2010

Distributor: Requiem Publications
Other Source: Various online sources, listed here

(from publisher's website)
A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts by Lizzie, a Bodie/Doyle Professionals '/' AU novel. Full-sized zine, 193 pages of story,
double-columned, 11 pt font.

Beautifully illustrated with 19 pieces of art by Lorraine Brevig - a true labour of love!

This fanzine collects all six parts of 'A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts' in one volume. Many of you are familiar with this much-loved series, but if you're not, you'll enjoy falling in love with it like so many other Pros fans have. Lorraine's gorgeous art only enhances the experience.

William Bodie, a gentleman of means who collects books and watches the Cornish bird life, meets a certain Raymond Doyle in a private reference library. Whilst Mrs. Trembath, Bodie's housekeeper, believes he should get married and settle down, Bodie's tastes run much more toward what only Doyle can provide.

Raymond Doyle's research into paranormal manifestations becomes more interesting as he discovers some things about Mr. Bodie that no one knows, and together, they must solve a mystery many years old.

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