British Takeaway V


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Kate Nuernberg

Distributor: Agent With Style


Author Other Source/s      
Letters of Comment The Loyal Readers    
Odds Even Kris Brown    
The Guardians Emily Ross    
Blood Still Cries Debbie Hicks    
Edges Marj Ihssen    
Somebody Who Cares Rachel Duncan    
Tyger, Tyger Marcia Brin    
River on the Edge of a Graveyard Emily Ross    
Pick Up, Put Down K.D Swan    
Forbidden Fruit Emily Ross    
Home for Christmas Sheila Paulson    
Nightmare on Morgan's Street Elizabeth Gibson    
Where No Flags Fly Linda Terrell    
Amo, Amas Rachel Duncan    
And What I Have Failed to Do Kate Nuernberg    
Hostages to Fortune Emily Ross    
So Much For Wishes Ellis Ward    
Culpability Emily Ross    
Strange Interlude Salleee Buddd    
Over the Rainbow Emily Ross    
The Strength to Care Robin Goodfellow    
Someone I Use To Know Rachel Duncan    
Predators Ruth Kurz    
Artwork Kate Nuernberg    

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