Chalk and Cheese 12

Editor: Mysti Frank

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash and gen

Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press!
Year: May 1993

Distributor: Agent With Style
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Author Other Source/s Other Information
2,036 Days to Go Michelle Christian    
Judgement Dee    
Vicious Mercy Sandy Fiore    
Home Fires are Still Burning Gena Fisher    
Insurance Policy HG   Brief review of story
Humerus Debra Hicks    
We're Going to Danteland! Jane Mailander    
Brick by Brick Londa Pfeffer    
First Step Terence    
A Death in the Family K. Ann Yost    
It's All in the Report, Sir Caroline Quinn    
Telepathy Caroline Quinn    
True Colours Caroline Quinn    
The Domino Theory Sue Wells    
Artwork Deb Walsh, H Ann Walton    
Artwork - front cover Kate Nuernberg    

Other Information:
152 pages