Cow Tales


Zine Type: Anthology

Publisher: Golden Cow Productions
Year: 1986



Author Other Information      
Cow Tales Aramooska Carrington    
Forbidden Flesh: A Review I. M. Right & U. R. Wrong    
Ode to Menace Shark Poem  
Truthsaying DJ Trentman Poem  
Response to Truth Carolyn Wells Poetry filk  
George Cowley: The Official Story Killer    
George Cowley: The Unofficial Story Killer    
Practise Makes Perfect Rabbit    
Limericks Meg Lewtan 3 limericks  
Never Thought to Find Siame Poem  
A Gift of Love Shadowfax    
Born to the Endless Night Leona Sheerin    
Requiem for a Fugitive Lucky Welling NB  
Elvis - Review   Newspaper review  
Deathtrap - Review   Newspaper review  
Two wordsearch puzzles TACS    
The First Annual Golden Cow Awards      
Threesomes Plus Sexual Cartoons Joe Seidita NB - not Pros  
Art - Front Cover TACS    
Art - Cowley portrait TACS    
Art - The Answer to an Age-Old Question Karen Eaton    
Art - Cowley caricature Karen Eaton    
Art - Cartoon Spurlock    

Other Information:
A paper circuit zine. Also sub/titled (?) "Cow Tales and Udder Atrocities". Assembled at D'Con 4 in November 1986. (Source - TaVeryMate)