Dark Fantasies 4


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Maverick Press
Year: 1996


Professionals Contents

Author Other Information Other Source/s  
The Devil's Apprentice Kitty Fisher   Circuit Archive Hatstand
Doyle, Later Dee Second in the Without universe. Circuit Archive Hatstand
Bounds of Consociation James Walkswithwind      
For a Start Irish      
Getting Serious Catherine and Katharina      

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Information
The Sheeted Altar
Natasha Barry Forever Knight  
Fantasies James Kythe Walkswithwind Forever Knight Poem
Gone with the Blow...Job Natasha Barry Forever Knight  
Immortal Love Katy Deery Forever Knight Poem
Of Knight Dreams Natasha Barry Forever Knight  
Forever Knight Vanessa Mullen Forever Knight Limericks
In the Dark
Erica Bloom Blake's 7  
Blake's 7 Limericks Vanessa Mullen Blake's 7  
A Marketable Commodity Pat Jacquerie Blake's 7  
Denouement Irish Blake's 7  
Fugitive Dreams
KS Nicholas Fugitive  
Souvenir Cody Nelson X Files  
The Night of the Assault Mary Millard Wild Wild West  
Down Roads Long Past James Walkswithwind Starsky and Hutch  
Summer Days James Kythe Walkswithwind Starsky and Hutch  
Spanish Gold Tasha Starsky and Hutch  
Cover Art by Val Westall    
Interior Art by Val Westall    

Other Information: