Fruit Cocktail - A Second Helping


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Fruit Press
Year: March 1992

Distributor: Agent With Style

Professionals Contents

Author Other Information  
Rebel Heart Rachel Duncan Poem  
Gemini Dream (A Poem) Rachel Duncan Poem  

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Information
Fruit Can Be Hazardous To Your Health! Robbie Riptide  
Fruit Salad (A Poem) Paula Smith Generic Poem
Enough Misty Mayfair Quantum Leap  
Aloha-Oy! Robyn La Salle 21 Jump Street  
Revelations DVS Man from Uncle  
A Whale of a Tale Pat Sherman Hardcastle & McCormick/Harry & Johnny  
Sweet Sticky Ricky Robby Simon and Simon  
Can You Bake a Cherry Pie, Ricky Boy? Kari M. Simon and Simon Poem
Open All Night Misty Mayfair Quantum Leap  

Aftermath - Escape from New York: A New Beginning

Crazy Cat Escape from New York  
The Last Echo of Gunfire Doreen Tracy Quantum Leap/Starsky & Hutch  
A Lover's Leap (sequel to "Last Echo") Doreen Tracy Quantum Leap  
Under the Cherry Moon Robyn LaSalle Miami Vice  
Reprieve Ruth Kurz Harry & Johnny  
Heroes Isis Blake's 7  
Drunken Halls Robbie Hardcastle & McCormick  

Other Information:
Note that the only Pros content in this zine are two poems by Rachel Duncan.