The Hunting

Author: Jane

Zine Type: Novel
Genre: Slash

Publisher: The Nut Hatch


Other Source:
Circuit Archive - but please note that The Hunting Book I part 3 is missing around 30 pages, so there is a substantial gap in the story before part 4 begins. As of February 2010 the missing pages can now be found archived via Yahoo group ProsLib.

ProsLib CD - as of 2nd Feb 2010 this version still has the same error as on Circuit Archive, but will shortly be remedied.

Other Information
The Hunting Universe comprises The Hunting, and the various stories making up The Hunting Companion 1 and The Hunting Companion 2.

The full series comprises seven bound volumes, and was originally offered in a choice of 3 styles, and both 5 cover and 5 ribbon colours.

An alternative universe story in which Doyle is an elven prince and Bodie the human who falls in love with him.