Leather And Blue Jeans


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: 1993

Publisher: PAL Press

Distributor: Agent With Style


Author Other Source/s    
Rude Awakening HG      
Clemency Dee      
Partners Nina Boal      
Swept Away Alex T. MacKenzie Circuit Archive The Hatstand ProsLib CD
Precisely When DVS Circuit Archive The Hatstand ProsLib CD
In for a Penny, In for a Pound Baravan Circuit Archive    
As Far As Appropriate Jane Mailander      
Clarke's Third Law Wally      
See How It Goes C. A. Rien      
Lamb to the Slaughter Lily Fulford Circuit Archive ProsLib CD  
"'Til I Kissed Ya!" Jatona Walker      
Nothing Left to Lose Jane and Madeleine Ingram Circuit Archive ProsLib CD  
Artwork (Cover) Suzan Lovett      

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Nothing Left To Lose - Review at CI5 Headquarters