Mates 1


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Featherpaw Inc
Year: 1992

Distributor: Agent With Style


Author Other Source/s      
Merry Christmas, Bodie Daria Littlejohn    
Motherly Love Daria Littlejohn    
Hospital Chat-up Daria Littlejohn    
Turning a Page Daria Littlejohn    
Only a Dream? Daria Littlejohn    
Body in the Bog Gena Fisher    
Many Happy Returns Gena Fisher    
A Hard Day's Night, or, Bodie the Beatle Gena Fisher    
Ears to You Gena Fisher    
Anniversary H. Ann Walton    
Sounds like a Wish Liane Beck    
Thoughts in a Thunderstorm Liane Beck    
First Prize Gypsy    
Marketable Assets Vicki L. Martin    
Of Alley Cats and Friends Vicki L. Martin    
The Key Gypsy & Helena Wolff    

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