Mixed Media or "Who's On First?"


Zine Type: Multifandom
Genre: Slash

Publisher: A Harry and Johnny Production (Ad Nauseum Press)

Distributor: Out of Print
Other Sources: One story on ProsLib CD

Professionals Contents*

Author Other Information
Lie Back and Think of England Ruth Kurz Available ProsLib CD
Body Language Antonia Jordan Kay  
Home is Where the Heart Is Jean Chabot  
A Trip to the Tower Rosemary Callahan Pros/Remington Steele
Are You Lonesome Tonight Ruth Kurz and Jacey Evans Martin Shaw

Other Fandom Contents:

Author Fandom Other Source/s

Other Information:
*This zine appears to be based around the pairing of "Harry and Johnny" - no matter who the fandom pairing, the main characters are Harry and Johnny.

Art by Jonni Corday.
Poetry by Robin Hood, Teri Steward, Cybel Harper, Sue Stand and H.R. Radie