Partner Imperfect

Author: Kyle Dixon

Zine Type: Two novellas
Genre: Slash

Publisher: Agent With Style
Year: 2009

Distributor: Agent With Style
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Other Information

From publisher's website:
With gorgeous front and back color covers by KAM, this zine contains two intriguing novellas by Kyle Dixon: "Secrets" -- Pursuing arms and drug dealers was an everyday occurrence for the lads of CI5. So why couldn't they find Danny Leopard? With the help of a junkie, and a lot of luck, Bodie and Doyle close in on Leopard to end his reign of terror. But the ride is far from smooth as a shocking secret comes to light that could shatter them and their partnership. And "A Proper Weekend Off" -- A rare weekend off for the lads is wonderful until Ray Doyle returns to find out that Bodie is missing. Thinking his berk partner is only extending his weekend, Doyle isn't concerned until Bodie's abandoned car is found in the countryside some distance from London. A local robbery report and Bodie's description panics Ray and he prays he's not too late to save his beloved mate.