Running All The Way, Sir 3


Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Gen

Publisher: Bearly Spaced Enterprises (USA)
Year: May 1996

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Contents: Author Other Information
Baby Killer Judith Frank  
You Can Never Look Back Karen Rae Travers  
Christmases Past and Present Brenda Anders  
It's A Jungle Out There Judith Frank  
Letting Go K. Ann Yost  
Some Bridges Just Won't Burn Karen Rae Travers  
Artwork Sue Lawrence-Williams  
  Wendi Rae Travers  

Other Information:
Editor's page reads:
Dear Reader, Welcome to another issue on Running All the Way, Sir. [sic]Never was a zine so aptly named as we have been at a dead run trying to meet our deadline. If you're reading this I guess we made it. We are hoping to put another issue together for Ecleticon 96 but that will depend on all you tribbers out there. We are eagerly seeking submissions of stories and art. Thanks for your support. [signed]Karen Rae and Sophia.