Straight Shooting

Editor: Jane Kaufenberg and Marilyn Johansen

Zine Type: Anthology
Genre: Gen and Het

Publisher: Spin Dizzie Press
Year: c 1987



Author Other Information
Water Under the Bridge Viv Alexander In the Rainbows Always End universe.
Reprimand Marguerite Krause  
Rough Cut Jane Kaufenberg  
Double-edge Sue-Anne Hartwick  
On My Own Sue-Anne Hartwick  
Relentless Jenna Bruce  
For the Sake of the Game Susan Sizemore  
There's Company Leia Mahon  
Bad Boys Susan Sizemore  
The Other Side of Involvement Dani Lane  
Games We Played in the Dark Deborah June Laymon  
The End of the Magic? Marilyn Pulley  

Other Information:
136 pages.